Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Jdrama-Kaseifu No Mita

High rating, best actress, nice drama
.This is all about Kaseifu No Mita.



Mita Akari is a mysterious housekeeper who is completely unsociable. However, she is perfect in her housework and does whatever she is told, no matter how outlandish, as long as it doesn't involve smiling or revealing her past. She's been dispatched to the Asuda household where plenty of problems await, as the children have recently lost their mother and their father lacks confidence in his own role.

Know GTO?Then for u will know main cast for this drama, Matsushima Nanako.Comeback after two years, her last drama was in 2009.Rating?Yeah, this is the main reason I wanna watch this drama.Last episode, 40% in Kanto area.Amazing!!Same level with old best Japanese drama, Beautiful Life(starring by Kimuya Takura).

Plus, like the theme song by Saito Kazuyoshi, Yasashiku Naritai. So minna, lets watch!!!

this scene, Mita-san hontoni kowai naa~~

Friday, December 16, 2011

Oppa Oppa!!!Oppa has Risen!!!

I say Donghae, U say oppa

I say Myeolchi U say oppa

I say Suju U say oppa

woot woot~~~

ottoke???EunHae tooooooo cute.Oppa Oppa Jjang!!Oppa Oppa Daebak!!

hahahaha, this OTP really make MY DAY!!!

See the lyrics?

"geudaeui ma-eum-e bul-eul jilleo (jilleo) naega wonjo yeoja killeo (killeo) munja

I make fire in your heart. I am the original woman killer"

YES!!U are yeoja killer..kekeke.This song make u wanna dance n dance n dance.

Lets party~~~~EUNHAE..^_^