Sunday, July 3, 2011

What to do...

So, "Lie To Me" finished last week, means I need to find other drama to be watch on Monday & Tuesday.Not really hard coz there are bunch of drama i cant manage to watch yet..ahaha.Lagi2 Jdorama..rasenye akan layan "Inu Wo Kau To Iu Koto".Since drama ni dh abeh gaks,and subtitle pon dh release for all epi..only 9 episode though.

Ape yang menarik pasal
"Inu Wo Kau To Iu Koto"?Nak cte lebih pon tak bole, coz tak start tgk lagi..hehehe.Tp yang pasti, hero & heroin best..Ryo Nishikido & Mizukawa Asami..Ryo?JE as usual,but act as Papa, mmg sgt teruja utk ditonton..kui3.Asami, as a wife pon sgt cute.Matte nee minna-sama, will be start watching tomorrow night nee(since juz finished download epi 1..ahaks)


Nishikido plays the 30-year-old salary man Hongo Yuji, whose job in human resources had him laying off employees until he himself was laid off. With his family of four on the verge of collapse, he ends up taking in a Pomeranian puppy, which gets named Sky Tree due to the family living in a downtown area near the Tokyo Sky Tree tower. Raising the dog helps bring the family back together, resulting in a home drama full of laughter and tears.

"City Hunter", this drama become more omoishiroi yo!Cant wait for epi 13 & 14 this week.That ajusshi(Yoon Sung fake father) totally jerk!Been watching this drama every week, but dunno why i feel like this drama will be sad ending drama..sbb?dunno..(i hope not......chaebal PD-nim!).Kim Na Na,u very strong yo!And yeah, Lee Yoon Sung, the way u act or whatever u do, totally cool man.Every time u mention that "blood revenge never been stopped" i felt like.."woah.....".Not forgot to thanks the doctor, Su hee..u safe both of them sincerely yo!Kamsahamida..^_^.

JE fandom?Even this not new issue, but Morimoto!!!!!What the hell are u doing??Daijoubu??Oh pls, u didnt learn what happen to ur senpai, dont you??Smoking even u only 14 years old?Pls kids,u totally kidding me.Muzaken jyanai yo!Second, Aiba hospitalised..cheer man.U are Aiba, man.Four of them waiting for u & stay healthy!!

Enough for today..kekeke..listen to F(X) song, la plak..dok ulang 5-6 kali dh ni..haha.

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  1. now akak layan Dae mul ganti lie to me. tgh gigih nak donlod. tp ni citer lama. gara2 nengok kat one hd terus bekenan.

    hope city hunter happy ending. huhuhu