Sunday, September 25, 2011

Osaka Rainy Blues

For some reason, when I think about Osaka, these songs pop up in my mind, Osaka Obachan Rock & Osaka Rainy Blues by Kanjani8. 

"Hade ni kimete obachan rock
Kyou mo rock rock rock obachan rock

Metcha yasashi obachan rock
Minna shake shake shake obachan rock
Birikensan mo w

OSAKA,what place to visit?Ohho, there's a lot yo!

1) Universal Studio Japan(
- Easy access, take JR Osaka Loop Line, Nishikujo Sta and take Universal Studio train yo! 6100 yen for 1 day pass and it totally worth it!Shrek 4D,Terminator 2:3-D,Hello Kitty Street performance,Jack,the Wonder Dinosaur,Aphrodite by the Sea,Space Fantasy,Jaws,Jurassic Park-The ride,Back to the Future,The Amazing Adventures of Spider Man..see?too many right?Spend 6100 yen for whole day, u will remember it forever~~Recommend to go on weekdays, not so many people..heee.


2) JR loop line tour
- Very easy,even u didn't know where to go, no need to worry about.Juz follow the route,and u will realize there are many places to visit. Only stop by from one station to another station yo!

i) Kyocera Dome Osaka(
- As a fan girl,for sure u will know this
place.ahaks.It is not only the franchise stadium of the Orix Buffaloes, but also a multi-purpose dome for events, concerts and sports.Get off at Taisho Station, and follow the arrow to Kyocera Dome.You can sightseeing in the Dome even there is no event happening yo!There is Gryndom Mall inside the dome.Few shops like Studio Alice(u can rent the kimono and take picture), and dont forget to see "The New World Record Memorial 904".


ii) Tsutenkaku Tower - Easy accesss from my hotel(Shin Imamiya Sta),so we walk to there.The 103-meter-tall Tsutenkaku Tower in the now quite shabby Shinsekai (New World) has become a symbol of Osaka.Lots of shop there, so u can shopping souvenir as well.

iii) Johnnys Shop Osaka
- Exclusive for JE fans yo!ahahaha, but seriously u need to get the correct direction if u want to g
o there.And yeah, we lost and its very hard to find this shop.Why?the shop is small and not all people know it.If I have chance to go there again, I didnt remember the direction at all(only can remember, we get off from Shinbaishi

iv) Shinsaibashi & Nanba

- Yosh!For shopping as well.hehehe, lot's of mall and shops there.
U need extra money for this place, otherwise what u can do is window shopping.ngehehehe.

v) Umeda
- Not in my plan, but happen when we lost a
nd get off wrong station(Umeda Station).hehehe.Quit nice there is one big mall near the station..^_^

vii) Osaka Castle Park/Osaka Jo Hall
- Get off at Osakajo Koenmae Station, I think this is fa
mous place for visitor.
You may visit Osaka Castle, Osaka Jo Hall, and Os
aka park there.On the way to Osaka castle, u may see local wannabe bands on weekends.Scenery there also
awesome yo!


Access from Tokyo by flight, shikansen, and even by bus.
For traveler, recommend to get JR pass,more cheaper yo!I went there from JR Kanazawa Station(beli K8 concert goods je pon,lol) by Shikansen to JR Shin Osaka Station.It takes 2 hour & 30 minutes yo!But i feel like more than that?ahaha, maybe that time I'm too tired coz from Tokyo to Echigoyuzawa to Kanazawa to Shin Osaka.JR Shin Osaka station is like Tokyo Station, so imagine la eks.
We stayed at Toyo Hotel, there 2 option,
1)take JR line(Osaka loop line) and get off at Shin-Imamiya Sta,East Exit,
2) Take subway,Midosuji Line and get off at Dobutsuenmae Sta,Exit No 2.

So, only those place I managed to visit last year, wish I can go there again.Still have a lot of places that I want to visit..huhuhu.What can I say, Osaka not so busy like Tokyo.hehehe.And the hotel price even cheaper yo!For budget hotel, only 1500 yen per night per person and most of the hotel near JR or subway station..^_^.

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