Friday, April 27, 2012

Fan Account: Pre record CN Blue Music Bank (20042012)

I've met them!!Yeah, finally yo!
Arrived at Seoul 19/4/2012, then check their schedule at cnblue official website (
So,they will have pre recording tomorrow(20.04.12), made my mind to go to KBS hall to meet them!

11.30 am, arrived at KBS hall(thanks to one korean girl for the direction)..ngehehehe.
Saw a lots of fangirls there, i think im a bit late coz cn blue staff will arrived at 12.00PM.

Don't wanna waste time, I juz ask one fangirl near me which one is cn blue fans and her answer," yes, this is cn blue fans"..kyaaa..lucky me!She  said, we(me n kak yat) need to give our name to fan staff leader.
Easy way to give our name to the leader is via phone number given ( they stick the phone no at wall).

Again, we are lucky coz the leader also near to we juz give our name to her.She so nice and after 10 minutes, she called the name one by one on the list.We need to line up and our no is 67 & 68.

12.10PM, FNC staff arrived and started to check and give the real no based on priority.

Priority 1- CNBLUE 's BOICE members ( membership card + with ID ) + CNBLUE [EAR FUN] CD & Hey you online music purchase + Blish

 Priority 2- CNBLUE 's BOICE members ( membership card + with ID + Blish

 Priority 3-  CNBLUE [EAR FUN] CD & Hey you online music purchase + Blish

We get the numbers ( priority 2 since we dont have online music purchase).Then the staff give us lottery ticket for fanmeet 5/5/2012 (this lottery ticket can help u to get priority for this coming fanmeet).

While waiting, chit chat with others of them is Japanese Boice. She went to all CB Blue concert at Japan..ok, jelez!

Ngehehehe..then saw the korean Boice cd with signatures..they totally Jjang!Most of them have the signatures ok..waaaa...mau juge~~

1.15 PM, Music Bank staff called Boice to get it for the pre record...yay!!doki soki suru~~camera not allowed ok.

Too bad..but its ok, as long as I can meet and see them live!

(Melangkah masuk, drg nye aura mmg gile hebat..slow slow jalan amik tempat masing2.Toleh kiri, nk pengsan je rase sbb dh nmpk mereka..siapa??jejaka biru itu!!Yonghwa dgn gitarnye, Jonghyun sebok dgn make upnye, Minhyuk dgn sticknye, n Jungshin tetap ngan imej cool nye.heee..its like a dream ok!)

Mao-san and Kak Yat wave to Yonghwa and he waved again to them!Seriously, Yong is the best! They get ready to record and the staff tell us to sing along loudly with the boys.Before start, Yonghwa & Jungshin chit chat with the fans (tak phm sgt pon..aiyark, kene blaja korea ni!). Minhyuk keep smiling but only Jonghyun looked really sick( only know about his condition after the recording..pity my burning..huuu)

Yong teased Jungshin said he always cool and handsome with model image..kekekeke.Then Jungshin ask fans about the fanmeet.Then they start the rehearsal, with song In My Head following with Hey You.

The boys really awesome and their energy was superb especially Yonghwa.
Finished rehearsal, the staff quickly give water bottle to Jonghyun..ohho, his face too pale ok.

When Yonghwa & the rest keep interact and communicate with the fans, JH just standing and look at smiling ok.

Before start the real recording, the staff said that we didnt sing loudly and wanna us to make some noise & sing along with them.So this time, all Boice sing along more loundly and cheer them .They start to record the performance and this time, wow!Yonghwa voice totally great and they give us the best performance!

So, we managed to see the boys perform 2 times..this is totally worth it!Kalu pg concert pon, blom tentu dpt tgk dekat..pre record ni mmg dekat btol dgn stage..nasib tak pengsan.kah3.

Before leaving, as usual Yonghwa trademark, he screamed "Everybody in my head!"..then all members said thank you and waved to us.

The performance:

p/s-nk perasan sebentar..ktrg duduk blah kiri..nmpk tak mate Yonghwa asyik pandang blah ctu?
kekekekeke..mesti die pelik dr mane la muncul budak 2 org pakai tudung ni kan.kah3.

Important tips:
1) Direction to KBS Hall.

About 5-minute walk from the National Assembly station (exit No.4) on Line 9 (gold) and 10-minute walk from
the Yeouido station (exit No.3) on Line 5 (purple).

2) Check their schedule, it easy to join pre record than live show.
3) Be an official Boice,u hava a priority and bring along the membership card,cd & blish.

My first day at Seoul totally DAEBAK!

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