Sunday, August 14, 2011

Drama Again??

So,City Hunter finished.Ending?Satisfied as this is action drama.Presecutor died,not agreed but yeah, Script Writer success to make this drama dramatic.Jin-Pyo died,confess to all that he was City Hunter.I've watched marathon from epi 16-20, full of satisfaction..hahaha.even the action scene was not really made my heart doki doki like I watched Lee Chong Wei vs Lindan last night..kekeke.

New koran drama, Scene of Woman.Lee Dong Wook comeback after release from army.LDW become more masculine..kekeke.Kim Sun Ah, more skinny..ah, I like when we was in My Lovely Samsoon.nah, I guess heroin will be die..reason?She had cancer yo!

Short synopsis:

Lee Yong Jae,is given the grim prognosis that she only has a shot time left to live.She decides to quit her job at a travel agency and live her life to the fullest.

Enough for Kdorama..ngehehe.This season, I spend my time for Jdorama.hohoho, reason?I miss Jdorama and this season most of the drama omoishiroi yo!.

1) Zenkai Girl

- Ryo become Papa again..hehehe.Heroin?nah, Aragaki Yui.

2) Hanawake Yon Shimai

-Most of the cast i like ie Kanjiya, Maya(Bloody Monday),and yeah Shige yo!

3) Conan Dorama

-Not bad, been watched until epi 5..hehe.

4) Don Quixote

-Matsuda Shota become Yakuza..hahaha.weird drama though.

But still, got 2-3 list to be update..ngehehehe.

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