Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nishigahara,Tokyo Japan

I miss Nishigahara!!The place, the weather..iina.From Narita airport, its tooks 1 hour to Nishigahara.By train, Narita to Ueno/Tokyo to Komagome to Nishigahara.It is located in Kita,Tokyo.Before this, I really dunno anything about Nishigahara until my Japan trip last year.We stayed there almost 2 weeks.
We stayed at Ojii-san house, its like homestay here.Very near with Nishigahara subway, 2 minutes walk.What I like the most is combini yo!hahaha..shida knew about it.Near from our house, there are combini, hospital, pharmacy, post office, atm machine, public washing machine & saloon.Seriously convenient!

In front Ojii-san house, feel same like Jdorama scene.kekeke.There is kindergarden as well, you may see mother n their children running to the kindergarden in the morning.Sassuga nihon-jin dayo..ahaks.
Photo taken around 4.00 PM..iina.see the bunny, in front of post office.kawai desshou.And, didnt see any rubbish yo

Public washing machine,300 yen 7kg,hahaha.Put the clothes there, then comeback after 30 minutes.Easy!

Neighbourhoods!!One of them have Arashi family..heee.

From Ojii-san house to Komagome Station, its takes 25-30 minutes walking.You may see 3 Family Mart on the way to the station.Family Mart is like 7E here.Same with combini, 10pm onward, u may see only young boy/man work there.hehehe.ikemen yo ikemen.kui3.

Even it takes 30 minutes,u didnt get tired or bored coz there are a lots of shops.100 yen shop, mini market,shoes/clothes shop, may find it there. And the area really safe as Machiko said to us, even u walk alone at 12.00 am, it also safe.

Nishigahara also near from Tokyo City ie Tokyo Dome, Ueno, etc by train.By Tokyo Subway, using Namboku line, we can access to Tokyo Dome(15 minutes!!),Yoyogi,Todai etc.

Nishigahara Station(got 2 exit area).We didnt really use this exit as the other one more near with ojii-san house.

Using JR Yamanote Line(green line), most of the station link to the famous city in Tokyo ie Shibuya, Shinjuku,Ueno,Asakusa etc.

Yamanote yo!!

I wish I can go there next time!!

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