Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fan report:2PM Hands Up Tour Malaysia 25.11.11

This!!!Gonna remember forever(like Nichkhun said).

Before concert begin, meet Nichkhun family!!Thanks to hottest Aisyah to tell me to wait at back first, we wanna wait for 2PM!I knew that Nickhun family will come tonight.hehehe..managed to get their flight info,(actually searh for nichkhun name but nicchan name appear.hahaha.)They arrived around 7.30pm, mom, Niichan, m Cherleen.This family totally sporting yo!We take pictures, shakes hand n my frenz said to Nichkhun's mom we saw her on WGM n Running Man, and her expression totally jjang..shock maybe?well, malaysian hottest will follow anything related to the boys.kekekeke.

Around 8pm, the boys arrived and we
runnnnssss to the stadium..concert will begin soon!!
Coz my seat is numbered, so i'm not worry to line up earlier.hehehe.but yeah, Vip seat far from stage.Phewww, Stadium Negara not really big, so i think i can see the boys face..^_^

8.20pm, started!!But but but, not 2PM okey.hahaha.guest artist, sorry dunno his!!!!What time it is now???2PM!!!The boys come out!!!First song, HOT.This song totally make all hottest crack their voice..screaming?Compulsory for fangirls..kya kya kya...2PM!!!

Opening Video:

Electricity!!!Sexy dance yo!Then follow by Hands Up.Eveyone totally sporting and sing together with them.And also not forget to PUTS YOUR HANDS UP!!!Then the boys welcome hottest,then continue with the song Crazy for You(the boys want all hottest follow their step in this song..^_^).

After that, continue with Wait & Tired.4 boys left, and now Junho & Woo Young partner.They entertain us with Besides You..I like the dances..^_^.Oh, i'm bad hottest, dunno this song actually..huhuhu(dush dush dush)

4 boys appear, then they introduce themself.Hottest screams all over the time coz Woo Young change his clothes on the stage!!!hahaha.

Time for ballad songs, this is Nichkhun fav song, I can't.They sit on the chairs..means i can rilex n calm for this time as well.ngehehehe.Then!!Give it to me!!!Yay!!Kya kya favorite song..heeee.why?Junho compose this song yo!I love the MV as well. Sing together with them yo!

After that they perform Dance Tonight.Ok, they talked and suddenly the dancers drag Taecyeon & Nichkhun.hohoho, so the 4 left continue talking.What a cute english Junho & Chansung.."u donno??no??me to..i dunno"..hahaha.Woo Young baby with great dance, while Junho beatbox-ing?Funny moment that cannot be forgotten.Oh yeah, Junsu said since Malaysia didnt have winter season, so lets come to Korea..hahahaha.I will!!!Wait for me next year.kkkkk

Next, My Valentine.Nichkhun & Teacyeon pairing..nice song.Dang!!!Samurai Channie appear, Revenger.They continue perform I'll be back, I Hate You,& Back to You(I know Taec seriously happy to perform this!!)Then, JunK ALIVE!!!Love this performance.

15 songs done, they continue to enjoy all hottest with Without You,Only You(arrgh, I want the rose tooo!!!) .Their fanservice totally Jjang!!!Not only rock pitt hottest get the rose, but hottest beside the stage also manage to get the rose..Taec, good job bebeh!!

10 out of 10.What a great performance.All hottest song along together.Then yeah, they talked again.Taec said, we are 10 out of 10..but but but,this line i never cant forget!!!Junho said"Terima kasih utk dtg ke sini, Saya akan balek lagi"I'm totally fainted!!OMG!!Proud of u Junho!!Seriously, u will get more loves when u try to speak malay.This is Jjang!!

Then, continue with Again & Again, I'm Your Man, and Dont Stop Cant Stop(for me, this is the BEST performance tonight!!


I'm your Man

Dont Stop Cant Stop:

And now, Heartbeat time!!!Oh man, this also cool performance.Then Khun angle appear..hohohoho.

Now, time for last song..yadaaaaa..Thank You for all hottest.I love the video before they sang this song.Emotional?I bet all hottest feel the same..huhuhuhu.Not even aware time already pass 2 hour..waaaa


Thank You:

But yeah, the boys promised to come back next time..this is what Taecyeon, Khunnie & Junho said!!!So hottest, dont be sad, they will come again..^_^.

Encore with 2 remix song, 10 out of 10 & Hands Up.

THE END..see u again, THEY"LL BE BACK!!

p/s--might be some part missing..huuu.


What the boys comment about MYHottest..^_^


  1. yeah..i'm there too..miss them a lot..='(

  2. hye there, i put your link in my post. hope u don't mind. =)

  3. jufa junho also change la skali ngan baby woo

  4. @ilieatiqah feel free..^_^ Woo baby paling jelas, Junho blah tepi, gelap tak jelas.hehe