Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Japanese Movie-Kimi to Boku

So, wasting my weekend time with Japanese movie..woot woot..

Kimi To Boku

The film is a 45-minute live-action adaptation of Shigeto Yamagara’s autobiographical flash animation of the same name, which has racked up over 4.8 million views since 2001. Aoi Nakamura stars as a young aspiring manga artist who’s able to deal with loneliness and separation from his family through the companionship of an American Shorthair cat named Gin-o-gou (voice-over by Maaya Sakamoto).

My review:
Cute actor, cute neko-chan(cat).I'm not cat lover, but I love this movie. Gin-o-gou voice totally kawai!!Do u really think this cute neko-chan can be called Naruto??hahaha, funny ryt?Simple movie, but really touching and have story behind it..love between human and cat~~


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