Thursday, March 15, 2012

Jonghyun the BURNING ^^Colin Character (A Gentleman's Dignity" )


What a creative comment from apiapi@lj.Cant wait to see this drama yo!

Lee JongHyun's character

Colin (19 years)-Student

Korean American (I think the writer changed it to Korean Japanese for Lee JongHyun who is fluent in Japanese)

He feels betrayed by a stepfather who is married again and ran away from home to look for his real father in Korea.

“One of you guys is my father” He says to 4 gentlemen and lives togher with them.

His weapon of charms is purity

and his tactic is smile.

He is tricky,


and 4 dimentional boy who controls 4 gentlemen’s life.

One day a girl comes to his life. And his first love begins.

Colin will appear mid of drama and looks for his real father among Jang Dong Kun, Kim Soo Ro and Kim Min Jong.

credit @[info]apiapi (awesome comment yo!)
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info cr @cebununa + cnbjonghyun@tumblr

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