Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Japanese Movie-Koukou Debut

Another movie to watch!!

Haruna Nagashima (Ito Ono) devoted herself to softball while in middle school. Now that she is in high school, Haruna believes its time find a boyfriend. Unfortunately for Haruna, she didn't pay attention to trends and is now clueless on how to attract a boy. Through a fortuitous event, Haruna encounters popular upperclassman You Komiyama (Junpei Mizobata) Haruna asks You to teach her how to become attractive to boys. You agrees but with one catch. She can't fall in love with him ...

My review:
Junpei kakkoi!!!hahaha, Haruna also not bad.well, cute when Haruna really wanna get 1st lover.high school date iina~~~lalalalala.oh, didnt like You's imoto...hahaha.But Yui Asaoka mecha mecha kakkoi..^_^.


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